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Lawn Care

What to expect

Lawn Care Complete is our most advanced program that implements Lawn Pest Control to your plan so your entire yard gets the care it needs. Consists of 10 visits to your home providing pest protection, essential nutrients and a balanced soil to promote a lush, green, healthy lawn you've always dreamed of. Lawn Care Complete includes: Pre-Emergent Application, Crabgrass Control, Liquid Lawn Aeration, Targeted Weed Control, Balanced Spring Summer & Fall Fertilization, Sulfur-Lime Application, Soil Conditioner (PH) and Lawn Pest Control (Fire Ants, Grub Worms, Chinch Bugs, Cut Worms, Ticks, Fleas, Earwigs, Centipedes, Crickets and many more.)

How often

10 Visit Treatment Plan
Monthly Service

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